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PLUSINDES regularly holds RETIPLUS Certification Courses that are announced on this website. The courses are face-to-face and explain the methodology and conclusions of the RETIPLUS Clinical Study, as well as guidelines for patient selection, clinical techniques to perform the evaluation of the patient's visual function through the SmartGlasses, and the procedures and experience for the "RETIPLUS digital eye test".

The KIT RETIPLUS is included in the Course and the total amount is stronglyreduced. The Professional receives his RETIPLUS KIT at the beginning of the Course, and uses it simultaneously during the explanations to familiarize himself, quickly understand its functionality and be able to use it immediately afterwards in his Optical Center.

RETIPLUS® is prescribed and sold through Ophthalmology and OptometryCenters that have Certified Specialists, RETIPLUS® CERTIFIED OPTOMETRISTS (RCOs).

Like any visual aid, RETIPLUS requires the timely and responsible training of an RCO, who will define the details and times of the training.
The usual thing is that the patient starts using their SmartGlasses in "basic
mode", and after a some time, the Specialist decides if the system can be
used in "advanced mode".
In addition, RETIPLUS® is a reconfigurable aid based on the evolution of the patient's visual function. This allows the Specialist a continuous progress in rehabilitation therapy generating adherence to treatment.

No. You only have to connect the Tablet to the internet at the moment of login for verification of active license and authenticated user through your personal password. Once the RETIPLUS platform has been recognized the user, the internet connection is no longer necessary.

The License of Use of the RETIPLUS® Platform commits the professional user to develop a responsible relationship with their Patients. You must commit to not offering the aid device without proper prior training, while offering the appropriate follow-up services.
The KIT RETIPLUS® is for personal use of the RCO, it can not be lent, or transmitted to other professionals, which would be an immediate reason for deactivating the license.
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