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AR-SmartGlasses for pathologies driving to field of view reduction.

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AR- Electronic Visor for pathologies driving to visual acuity reduction.

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Intellectual Property (ES, USA, EU)

Tres sellos de la CE

3 “Seals of Excellence” of the European Commission

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Clinical Trial (UCM)

UCM rehabilitación visual

Visual rehabilitation protocol (UCM)

Our Company culture

· Our Missión: Provide better quality of live for  Low Vision persons.

· Our Visión: Leverage on leading edge technologies to provide solutions

to Low Vision persons

Our warranties for you

· 15 días free for eventual re-adaptation and re-customization, by your  Retiplus Certified Optician (RCO).

· 2 years warranty.

· Software updates and customization reviews by your Retiplus Certified Optician (RCO).

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