Usage and benefits

What is it for and which improvements does it bring?

RETIPLUS SYSTEM combines several aids in a single device, through the installation of different "help views" on the screens of the SmartGlasses, that the patient can activate according to her/his activities or situations.

In summary, the patient is going to improve autonomy, mobility and a better quality of life.

  • Light, transparent and non-immersive device that allows contact and visual interaction, as well as walking by the combination of one’s own vision and the additional views provided by RETIPLUS.
  • Internet connection not needed.
  • It allows adjusting the brightness according to the illumination level of
    different environments.
  • Optimizes the “remaining vision”, beyond the pure magnification and without deforming the image.
  • It allows to adjust contrast in changes of environments.
  • Minification (widening the visual field) with zoom in mobility and in real time.
  • Motivates the patient to use his/her “remaining vision”.
  • It makes it possible to anticipate obstacles and dangers in real time.
  • Improves orientation and help to develop brain’s elasticity.
  • RETIPLUS is reconfigurable, so the same Smartglasses can be “digitally re-
    calibrated” as many times as needed according the patient’s visual condition evolution.
  • Allows the optometrist / ophthalmologist prescribed rehabilitation to be
    performed comfortably at home.

How does RETIPLUS® work?

The images of the SmartGlasses camera are processed by RETIPLUS software and presented in real time on the most  convenient area of the SmartGlasses displays for the patient.

Using a Tablet connected with the SmartGlasses via BlueTooth, the Specialist calibrates and personalizes a “help view” for each of the patient’s different activities / situations through the process “RETIPLUS Digital eye test”.

Once the patient has their personalized Smartglasses, the system collects the real images trough the camera, processes it in real time and shows it to the patient on the screens of the Smartglasses according to the “help views” that have been configured for different situations (outdoors with lots of light, sight to walk, etc).

Using the controller, the patient selects the appropriate “help view” for each activity / situation. In addition, the patient can adjust each view at will to:

  • Zoom in / zoom out the image
  • Increase / decrease luminosity and contrast.
  • Convert the image to contours mode to highlight the objects’ silhouette,
  • Freeze the image in photo mode and zoom in for a detailed view At any time, it is possible to return to the configuration calibrated by your specialist with simple touch to the controller.

The RETIPLUS SYSTEM does not require an internet connection, so specialist and patient will create the different view, both inside the building and outdoor, to adapt and configure the SmartGlasses to the needs of each patient and to accommodate the different situations to optimize their remaining vision.

RETIPLUS grants great autonomy and independence to Low Vision patients when carrying out common day-to-day activities both statically or in movement.

In addition, the software has with additional functionalities that can be used by the patient to perform their visual rehabilitation exercises comfortably at home, and according to the needs of each pathology. The patient can exercise daily and thus have a more precise control of their evolution.

The Moverio Smartglasses with RETIPLUS can be found at the RETIPLUS Certified Ophthalmology Clinics and the Low Vision Optical Centers.

Please, request the“RETIPLUS User Manual” from your Certified Specialist (RCO). Further info in the “RETIPLUS User Guide”, available at your RCO.

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