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How is the "DIGITAL RETIPLUS® GRADUATION" carried out?

Case of Central Field Reduction (for example AMD)
RETIPLUS allows you to create a “help view” in the peripheral vision field for the search of the Preferred Retinal Locus PRL.(see left image attached).

configuración gafas

Case of Peripheral Field Reduction (Retinitis pigmentosa, glaucoma, hemianopsies, etc)

We have 2 possibilities making the “RETIPLUS digital eye-test”: By means of the Tablet, RETIPLUS allows to create a “view” in the central visual field or in the periphery.

In any of the 2 cases we will create the “help view” with the remote image (minified, maximum visual field) and we will adjust with the Tablet the size of said “help view” to the remaining vision of each patient, that is to say to its remaining angle of 5º, 10th, 15th, etc.

a) If we have positioned this “help view” in the central visual field, the patient will switch his/her gaze through bioptical movement:real vision of the patient when looking under the SmartGlasses, and the “minified view” and therefore far away, through the screens of the SmartGlasses.

b) If we have positioned this “help view” in the most comfortable area of ​​the peripheral field of the patient, she/he could switch her/his eyes by means of visual tracking: real vision thought the transparent center of the SmartGlasses, and vision of the environment moving the eyes to the “help view” positioned in its peripheral visual field. (See right image attached).

Since RETIPLUS allows to save in the SmartGlasses more than one “help view”, it could be useful for many patients to configure the 2 options, so they could practice with both concepts according to the environmental conditions, etc.

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